Secrets of a Courageous Facilitator: My Top 5 Strategies for Managing Speaking Nerves When Teaching

Hosted by Laura Greenfield, Ph.D.

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You CAN learn to be courageous!

Join me in this FREE online masterclass designed especially for college educators wanting to gain greater control over their speaking nerves

In this masterclass, I'll pull back the curtain to reveal the top 5 strategies that I have used to overcome my own speaking nerves and become a courageous class facilitator (and indeed a thriving professional public speaker and communication educator!). These are the same strategies that countless of my students have used successfully to do the same.

By the end of the masterclass, you will have...

A Powerful Mindset

I'll show you how to reinterpret your nerves as a sign of strength, not weakness

Embodied Tools

I'll show you how to care for your body so that it supports your courageous spirit

A Nurtured Spirit

I'll help you find inspiration with three tips for cultivating emotional strength

Concrete Processes

I'll walk you step-by-step through a process to take measured risks to cultivate future confidence

An Action Plan

I'll show you how to debrief purposefully after each facilitation experience to bolster future courage


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