Ep 17 - My Favorite Strategy for Saving Tons of Time on Class Prep, and Leading Better Discussions to Boot!

In today's episode I talk about the unsustainable amounts of work and inadequate compensation weighing down many college educators, resulting in burn out and a mass exodus of faculty leaving academia across the U.S.

I share with you a strategy I've honed for saving tons of time on class preparation. Not only does this strategy save time, but it can make the discussions we lead even better as well.

Time-saving hacks are not the same as dismantling the capitalist system. But we need to save up our energy in the short term in order to persevere for the longer fight. Hopefully today’s episode will help towards that goal.

In addition to my time-saving strategy, I also offer a few hard won lessons about taking care of yourself as best you can when your labor conditions are dehumanizing and you haven’t yet found a feasible opportunity to leave.

Some of those lessons include…

  1. Getting yourself an advocate.
  2. Learning to say “no.”
  3. Remembering you may love your job, but your job does not love you back. 
  4. Setting clear work times and off duty times if you work from home.

I hope this episode provides you a bit of relief.


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