Ep 15 - Why Some Students Are Hesitant to Share Their Ideas In Class, And How You Can Support Them To Speak Up

Of all the challenges teachers say they struggle with, trying to facilitate a discussion when students aren’t engaging–or aren’t engaging meaningfully–seems to come up the most often.

One of the most common reasons students are hesitant to share their ideas in class is because they are worried that what they have to say is “wrong.”

In other words, they think that to participate effectively in class discussion they are supposed to answer the teacher’s questions correctly.

They don’t actually understand what is expected of them as a participant in a purposeful discussion, dialogue, or debate.

They are intimidated by a process that doesn’t make sense to them.

In today’s episode of Let’s Talk Facilitation, I talk about why some students are confused about their role in class discussions and how exactly to support them to speak up, and to speak up effectively.

So grab your pen and paper, pop in your ear buds, and get ready to make a plan with the concrete steps I offer to inspire more engagement in your classes.


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