Ep 13 - How to Get Students to Do the Reading So They Can Actually Participate Well in Class Discussion

What do you do when you’ve worked hard to get everything ready for your class to have an amazing discussion–picking out interesting readings, creating provocative discussion prompts, making a plan for leading interactive activities to engage those questions about the readings–and then you get to class only to discover…

Many of the students HAVEN’T EVEN DONE THE READING, so there is no way for them to participate well, if at all!

In today’s episode
I share a series of pedagogically sound approaches to encourage students to do the readings and be ready to participate in class discussions–no begging or threatening needed!

At the end of the day, students are their own people and will make their own choices–it isn’t our place to force anyone to do anything. And with the covid19 pandemic still underway, a lot of people–our students and us–are exhausted, stressed out, or grieving.

Cutting everyone a little extra slack (and coming prepared with a plan b if students just haven’t done the readings) can go a long way.

But to provide the greatest opportunity and increase the likelihood that students who have the capacity to do the reading actually make the effort to do so, you can make some specific, concrete choices in how you run your class.

Check out the strategies I offer today and try them out. You just might get more engagement than before!


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