Ep 10 - How to Engage Students Who Are Resistant to Critical Pedagogy: My Go-To Strategies for Discussions with Students Who Don’t Want to Change the World Like You Do

What do you do when you’re passionate about teaching for justice, but your students are just not there for it?

If you’ve ever wrestled with how to bridge the gap between your radical ambitions and your students’ more conservative inclinations, today’s episode of Let’s Talk Facilitation is for you!

In it, I share with you the go-to strategies you can use in discussions with students who would rather simply be told what they need to know, take the test or write the paper, get a good grade, and get out. You know–not be so… political.

I also provide a quick overview of “critical pedagogy” so everyone, whether seasoned practitioners or interested beginners have a way to tap into this discussion and find a first step.


At the end of the episode, I share information about a free PDF I put together for you which includes a list of sample problem-posing questions with examples of how those questions could be adapted to address different topics. Check it out and grow your toolkit for transformative teaching!

Get your free copy: Sample Problem-Posing Questions