Ep 8 - How to Make Discussions Inclusive, For Real (Part 2): Three Foundational Strategies for Taking Concrete Action

What would it mean to facilitate a transformative, socially just experience for your students, rather than simply paying lip service to the “inclusion” buzzword?

Many educators are full of conviction about wanting to create inclusive spaces, but don’t have the tools to do so effectively.

Today I talk about how to make class discussions inclusive, for real. Not just stating the intention and going about business as usual, but actually changing how we may be used to engaging.

In particular, I’m going to help you identify three foundational strategies for taking concrete action to cultivate a radically inclusive, or transformative, space for class discussion.


One of the strategies I discuss involves creating a class community guidelines statement. I put together a free PDF for you which includes the text of such a statement I wrote and have used on a number of my course syllabi. If you would like an idea of how you might word your own such statement, feel free to copy mine in its entirety, or revise and adapt it for your own needs.

Get your free copy: Sample Class Community Guidelines Statement