How to Facilitate Fairly

An Introduction to Socially Just Facilitation Practices in College Classroom Discussions

You care deeply about providing each of your students the opportunity to learn.
But you often worry:
How do I ensure I am reaching all of my students with equitable access to discussions?
How do I facilitate discussions that are inclusive of diverse learning needs? 
How do I develop facilitation strategies that honor my students as whole people?
This introductory-level book has the tools you have been looking for to translate your idealism into actual practice.


This book will teach you how to...

  • Recognize a variety of significant factors affecting students' learning experiences
  • Avoid common facilitation pitfalls that inadvertently exclude certain students
  • Devise more accessible approaches to facilitating class discussions
  • Assess your own assumptions and approaches
  • Set new goals for meaningful, manageable growth as a fair facilitator
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How to Facilitate Fairly includes...

Clear Explanations

Straightforward and concise discussion of concepts with explanations and examples

Concrete Strategies

Methods and tools for practical application in real classroom contexts


Prompts for self-reflection and goal-setting to develop in your unique context

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After reading this book, you will have powerful tools for purposeful and transformative approaches to facilitating across a variety of student differences, including...

  • Social confidence
  • Learning styles and energy patterns
  • Neurodiversity and ability
  • Mental health and histories of trauma
  • Socialization and culture
  • Privilege and oppression (such as racism/sexism)

Not another long, dense theory book!

You can talk theory with the best of them.

But right now, you've got enough reading to do between your research, your students' papers, and the stack of "fun" books collecting dust on your nightstand.

You don't need another long, hard read to add to the list.

How to Facilitate Fairly is rich with information yet concise, straightforward, and to-the-point.

You could read it in a single sitting or break it into bite sized pieces, taking advantage of its purposeful design of discrete units.

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