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Supporting college educators to inspire tomorrow’s change makers by facilitating equitable, engaging, and transformative classroom experiences

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Hi, I’m Laura. I support college educators to inspire tomorrow’s change makers by facilitating equitable, engaging, and transformative classroom experiences. Whether you're striving to reach more of your students, inspire greater participation, build community, interrupt bias, or simply feel a little less nervous when you're in front of your students, I am here to help! Check out my story to learn why I love this work, and how I can support you to achieve your teaching goals.

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Hi, I'm Laura Greenfield, Ph.D.

I understand how challenging it can be to facilitate meaningful class discussions that reach every student and get everyone talking while also trying to recognize biases, interrupt microaggressions, and build community when you feel nervous speaking and you haven't yet learned best practices. The good news is that I have solutions! I'd love to tell you more about myself and how I might support you in your development as a facilitator.

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"Laura is one of the most powerful facilitators I have ever met. As a professor, boss, and mentor, she has time and time again demonstrated her capacity to read a room and a moment to help guide its purpose."

Rew Gordon

"Laura is an outstanding facilitator and educator whose teaching principles are built upon a strong social justice foundation. Her facilitation style is steady and empowering; she practices a gentle vulnerability which fosters trusting relationships."

Kaylie Vezina

"Laura brings a sense of clarity, purpose and passion to the work that she does. There’s a kind of magic that happens in the communities that she helps to create."

Bonnie Diamond

Award-Winning Educator, Distinguished Scholar,

and Sought-After Speaker Featured at...

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“There’s no such thing as neutral education. Education either functions as an instrument to bring about conformity or freedom.” - Paulo Freire